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PSuperheroes Database/ A Group
Current Residence: Philippines
Favourite style of art: Anime and Marvel/DC like style
Hello guys sorry for late updates(late reply's, late posting and late answering your notes)i also have 410 deviation(by the people i watch)that yet to be seen & be faved.
Im just getting busy but still This SANLAHI UNIVERSE is open to anyone who want's their PINOY SUPERHEROES to be recognized.

to those new and wants to join..
just link me to your Pinoy superhero(without background or just plain white background)
add all the stats i need in the back portion of your card.(Power rankings,Info's, History, Did you know part, etc..)

To make this clear joining SANLAHI UNIVERSE doesn't mean you join BAYAN KNIGHTS.
BAYAN KNIGHTS is a group of pinoy superheroes that belongs to their owner who also belongs themself to the SANLAHI UNIVERSE.

SANLAHI UNIVERSE is like (MARVEL UNIVERSE or DC UNIVERSE Sorry for comparing) BAYAN KNIGHTS is a group like X-men, Avenger West coast, or Justice League(again sorry for comparing).

Till next update guys.
Im still watching all of you.

this is the new list for SANLAHI UNIVERSE
(classic superheroes ex. Captain barbell, darna, lastikman etc.. are not in the list anymore since SANLAHI can't own this characters(can't contact their owners blah blah) they will be a list called CLASSIC PINOY SUPERHEROES for them which i will include Combatron also.

Im still thinking about making a list for cosmic being, and sidekicks, mukha kasing walang entry kaya baka wala mawala na un.

Updates for team up and match up are coming dahan dahan lang ang updates ko since inaayos ko pa.

O well i also mention the 300(for heroes & villains) limit before. so kung may mga entry pa kayo i pasok nyo na sa sanlahi universe.

here's the list:


1.Sarhento Sagrado
2. Manila Man
3. Salakay
4. Phantom Cat
5. Morion
6. Bato
7. Boy Ipis
8. The Council
9. Kalayaan
10. Claw
11. Pag-asa
12. Bagwis
13. Liberty Girl
14. Luzviminda
15. Servant
16. Maskarado
17. Kadasig
18. Niño
19. Mao
20. Lito
21. Gwapoman
22. Kilabot
23. Talim
24. Sides
25. Leather
26. Santelma
27. Mananabas
28. Sandata
29. Bernardo karpio
30. Lam-Ang
31. Supremo
32. Anino
33. Alamid
34. Diwata
35. Narra
36. Adarna
37. Gante
38. Zheya
39. Ida
40. Dong Bayanihan
41. Basic Blue
42. Kapitan Bandila
43. Unstoppable
44. Demunlawin jash
45. Biotrog
46. Junior
47. Exyton
48. Dorothy
49. Lakambini
50. Power ball team
51. Hapon
52. One clearmorning
53. Ibyong
54. Kalasag
55. Matanglawin
56. Harivona
57. Sanggano
58. Sable Batraider
59. Sinag
60. Kawal
61. Uwak
62. Urduja Maxx
63. Agatha
64. Cybernaut
65. Kampeon
66. Lucy Sevilla
67. Zarbot
68. OverDrive
69. Junior Megaform
70. Leon Artemis
71. Mithi
72. Fyrah Blaze
73. Boy Baraha
74. Noah
75. Dynamite
76. Gabriel Black
77. Bluefah
78. Magnum
79. Kiddo


1. Golok
2. Zeitgeist
3. Bening Bituka
4. Vorgon
5. Alas
6. Dilim
7. Tephra
8. Asintado
9. Black Talon

okey as a mention last time magkakaron ng card REVAMP. why? sabi sakin ni master :iconnerp: medyo maliit daw ang sanlahi card so i need to make it a bit bigger. its actually easy pero sa dami ng card it will be tough o well just give me time guys ha i will try to have time for this.

plus oh i will be also revamping the ADOBOVERSE cards.

i will add these following cards also.

(suggest pa kayo kung may naiisip kayo)

and i will also
seperate the heroes to villains
and also add sidekicks, classics & cosmic being in the list.

the numbering system will also change.

yung mga bagong entries na di ko pa nagagawa hope you have more patience in me. Gagawin ko rin yang sa inyo :D have faith

a mere fan

  • Reading: sanlahi cards
  • Watching: pinoy superheroes
  • Playing: hide my mystery


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Astig ng mga hero mo! :D Watch kita!
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it's so nice po to have you here, promoting and introducing our own Pinoy super heroes. i shall post your info pics in our Isang Lahi heroes page, Komiks Universe on facebook.
more power po!
God bless your talent and family!
p add n rin po. tenks xD
rastatu Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2012
paano po sumali? pwede po original character?
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Hi Mate, sent you a note. Thanks in advance!
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astig na concept! sana ma-mainstream. ;) ten thumbs up!!!
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nice one for ten thumbs up! xD
0x) froisier
originalnameless Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sir pa-check naman ng page ko-->[link]
meron po akong deviations ng Pinoy superheroes na 'yung iba eh interesting din na characters pero sadly ay medyo nababaon sa limot
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hi po sirs and ma'am ^___^
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